On 22 April 2010 the South African Association of Seafood Importers and Exporters (“SAASIE”) was duly formed.  The Association has as its objects the promotion and protection of common interests of members who are commercially involved in the business of importing, exporting or processing of fish products.  One of the main tasks which the Association will be involved with is in dealing with the various Government Departments who are involved in the processing, exporting and importing of fish products and in particular, Marine and Coastal Management, SARS / Customs, the Department of Trade and Industry and NRCS.

The first Chairperson of the Association is Mr Robert Kaye of Kaytrad Commodities (Pty) Ltd.  The Association will play an important role in shaping the future of the import and export of fish from South Africa and interested persons who wish to make application for membership of such Association should contact the Secretary of the Association, Mr Russell Penny on and 021 690 1400.

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