Commercial Law

Dawson Edwards & Associates has the necessary experience and expertise to assist you in a wide range of commercial matters and we are confident that we can assist you with your particular needs. Some of the areas in which we are able to assist you include:



We are able to assist you in the drafting and finalisation of a wide variety of commercial agreements including sales of shares, sales and rentals of property, shareholders agreements, various company and close corporation agreements, licensing agreements, suretyships and other securities. As it is impossible for us to present an exhaustive list of our services in this regard, please contact us for further information or if you have a particular query.



We are able to assist you in commercial litigation matters in both the Magistrates Court and the High Court as well as through arbitration. We have substantial experience in these arenas and in all areas of commercial litigation.



We are able to assist you with your corporate restructuring including the sale and purchase of shares and members interest as well as the creation of companies, close corporations and other corporate structures. We are also able to assist you with holding company and subsidiary transactions and have particular experience in creating incorporated joint venture relationships.



We are able to assist you with any agreements relating to the acquisition of vessels or maritime equipment including the registration of marine bonds or special Notarial bonds as part of the security requirements for the financing.



Dawson Edwards & Associates has entered into a strategic relationship with an accredited verification agency and as such is at the cutting edge of current black empowerment legislation. We are able to assist you in restructuring your business so as to comply with local legislation and to maximise your point scoring in applicable black empowerment score cards.



We have a wide range of experience in various insurance related matters ranging from goods-intransit insurance, marine insurance and standard commercial policies. We would be happy to assist you in any one of these matters and have a significant amount of insurance litigation experience.



Our Senior Director has a post graduate qualification in tax law and we have represented a number of clients in matters involving SARS. Our experience includes customs related matters, VAT issues as well as income tax related matters.

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