Dear Clients

On Friday 14 May 2021 the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and Environment (DFFE) circulated the initial phase of the Socio-Economic Impact Assessment Systems (SEIAS) for three sectors coming up for reallocation in FRAP 2021. The three sectors were:

  1. Demersal Shark;
  2. Hake Longline: and
  3. Hake Deep sea Trawl.

The SEIAS are a legal requirement mandated by Parliament and must be undertaken before the rights allocation process can take place. They are developed in order to assist the delegated authorities in making their decisions, providing guidance towards the intended outcomes. Allocations made in FRAP 2021 that do not align with the SEIAS may well be open to challenge. The SEIAS are, therefore, very important documents that should be scrutinized by all parties with an interest in the industry and FRAP 2021.

Along with the SEIAS was an invitation to all stakeholders to provide any written comments they may have on the documents by 16H00 Thursday 24 May 2021. Clients are strongly advised to consider the SEIAS and, if necessary, submit comments.

Should you require copies of SEIAS please contact rafeeka@dawsons.co.za and should you require any assistance in considering the SEIAS or in submitting comments please contact any director at Dawsons or email info@dawsons.co.za .

Yours faithfully

Grant Clark


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