Dawson Edwards celebrates its 15th birthday!

It is with pride that the board of directors and staff at Dawson Edwards and Associates announce that as of the 1st of October 2011 the firm has been practicing for 15 years. A birthday celebration is being planned and will be announced to clients, colleagues and acquaintances shortly.

As some of you may remember, our firm was conceived when the boutique maritime firm of Field and Sims disbanded and Peter Dawson an attorney at that firm, decided to start his own firm in October 1996. The firm originally rented offices on the corner of Spin and Plein street in the centre of Cape Town until March 2000 when we purchased our offices in the leafy and historic suburb of Gardens where we have been practicing from ever since.

Key to our firms success is its key focus on maritime and related commercial matters. A noticeable recent development in the firms practice is the increase in the number of environmental issues being dealt with which may be due to an increase in the competing users of our marine resources.

Despite much activity with the takeovers and mergers of law firms throughout South Africa including maritime practices, Dawsons has resisted the temptation (and proposals) to become part of larger corporate practices. Throughout its years the firm has prided itself on being able to service small, medium and corporate clients both local and international. The independence and specilisation of our firm allows us the flexibility to continue servicing such a varied client base. Hence the decision to maintain the identity and profile of the firm which has been our formula for success over the past 15 years.

Our independence and profile in turn has also allowed us to be involved with a wider range of clients and interests in the maritime sector giving our practitioners a broader and fulfilling experience in matters of the sea.

We would like to take this opportunity to again thank all those who have been clients of our firm over the years and who have supported our practice. Thank you also to our suppliers and service providers and of course our colleagues in the legal fraternity.

As with many industries in South Africa the legal profession faces its own challenges but we are of the view that the profession still has a solid core of attorneys, advocates and judges who carry out their practices ethically, professionally and efficiently and who take pride in contributing towards the great legal system which this country still has intact.

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